Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Prep Centre?

A Prep Centre is a hub for your items to be sent to, that someone else can take care of the storage, prep and shipping of your items.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have a Sign-Up Fee and then a price per item/order fee

Who is a Prep Centre For?

A Prep Centre can be for you for a number of reasons as well as it could not be for you. 

It could be for you if you are struggling to get growth due to storage or time. In joining a prep centre you take a long time of prepping out of your business and you have unlimited storage due to us having to grow if you grow

We have heard our clients wish they joined sooner as it is what kickstarted their growth allowing them to spend time on growth tasks rather than the long time that prep can take. 

What Quality Checks Do You Carry Out?

Upon the item arriving at our warehouse we first inspect the box it arrives it to ensure the courier hasn't caused any damage that we need to inform them of upon delivery.

Then when we unbox, we inspect each item to ensure there are no leakages or external damages to the item itself and that it isn't a mismatch. If there is we will communicate that to you with our discrepancy report. If there are missing or damaged items we can either add to excess or store the items until they are to be returned.

Do you charge a Monthly Subscription?

No, we do not charge any monthly fees. We only charge a one-time sign up and then per item. 

This is because we understand as sellers ourself, you can have a slow month and to then pay a large monthly fee for potentially sending no items to make this back it can be difficult.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

We pride ourself on being one the fasted prep centres in terms of getting your items in and out as fast as we can and we aim for 24 hours. We sometimes do it in a shorter time and sometimes longer but this is usually due to not having enough items to ship or your instruction to wait

What If The Wrong Item Arrives?

We understand these things happen so we briefly store these items at no extra cost while you sort a solution. The same applies to damaged items.

If it gets to a point where no solution has been attempted we will add storage charges. 

How Do We Pay You?



We will send invoices to you bi-weekly (1st & 16th) and you can pay online using any major debit or credit card through our provider Stripe

Is There A Minimum Amount I Have to Send To You?

No, not at all. We have been sellers, you can have slow months so as long as you are not having a large break in sending that could potentially stop other sellers from joining our service we are happy to wait for your items however slow they come in.

We also have no minimum that we send to Amazon, we will use our sense as well as having close communication with you to know when and how much to send.

What Makes You Better Than Other Centres?

We believe we are the number one prep centre to be a part of. This is due to a number of reasons.

1- Our Price is the best around with not only per item price but the sign-up fee and abolishment of monthly fees.

2- Our communication is fast and personalised which helps each and every seller with different requirements achieve their goals.

3- Our Speed is unbeatable. With items flowing we turn around in a max of 24 hours and sometimes the same day.

4- Ease of Use of this centre means you are outsourcing Prep completely and not just the practical work

Can I Trust You With My Items?

We understand it can be a big deal trusting someone else with your money but this is why I believe our experience as sellers will come into play. You can also go and have a look at what our current clients think about our service in our Testimonials Section

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