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I have always been interested in making an impact on the planet and after watching many documentaries we have wanted to take this into our business, something which could make a big impact. 

This is where we decided to make some changes. We decided when we moved to our new warehouse, a home for the future, now that we would ensure our energy supplier is using renewable. This is where we decided to use Good Energy to supply us 100% renewable energy. See more here:

This was the first step. We then wanted to ensure that our recycling strategy was in place. So we looked for a local business to help with this. We proudly have a local company in our area that takes all of our cardboard and plastic waste and recycles them into more products for other businesses, leaving us only with general waste.
Our step for 2025 that will take us further towards being green is that we would like to transfer over from plastic polybags to biodegredable polybags. We look forward to making this change over as well as making further movements towards being completely green. 

"The natural world is fading, the evidence is all around… (But) if we act now, we can yet put it right."
David Attenborough


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