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I founded Gate 35 in Spring 2017. I sell quality, contemporary and innovative gifts for all
occasions. All of my products are available to buy through Amazon.
As a busy mum running my business from home, the biggest challenge I faced was the lack of storage space and the human resources to pack and ship products to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

FA Prep UK provided a perfect solution for me, receiving products in bulk, checking them, preparing and sending them to Amazon for me when requested.

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What We Did

Joanne was looking for a space to grow her private label portfolio. She had the knowledge to be able to create many successful products but the warehouse space stopped her from launching more and more and this is where we stepped in.

We grew as Joanne's business grew giving her as much space as she needed to take the business up and up. We gave her the flexibility to ship direct to other businesses, customers and Amazon FBA. We ship items very quickly for her allowing her to manage stock levels and message us when restock is needed.

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As a result of using the FA Prep service I am able to store large numbers of products and quickly restock the Amazon FBA warehouse so that products are always available and my customers are never disappointed.  

Future Goals

"I have been very happy with the service provided by Devan and his team.  As I launch more new products I would hope with the support of FA Prep my business will continue to grow."

We look forward to supporting Gate35 in launching more successful products on their Amazon store and successfully and efficiently restocking current lines


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