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After some months of testing selling used books on Amazon, I noticed that some other people online (Youtube) were selling new branded products and were able to achieve a much larger scale and revenue than I saw possible from buying books from charity shops/thrift stores. As a test, I placed my first OA order in February 2019 and sold 3 units the first day they arrived in FBA warehouses (compared to the typical 1-2 books per day) — I was hooked! I continued doing this from my bedroom for some months but had an obvious disadvantage of shipping from Ireland to the UK (this was even before any customs/border issues) - my cost of shipping goods was too high and it was difficult to compete with UK-based sellers. It was also a lot of hassle labeling and shipping products even at this small scale of 100-200 units per month.

To solve both issues, I tried out a prep centre in the UK but hated my first experience, there were too many steps to each shipment and the communication was slow - I could see no way that this would be viable long term. I had heard of Devan from the Amazon Youtube space and decided to give his new prep centre a go since the prices seemed competitive and I figured it couldn’t be any worse than my previous experience. I knew that a prep centre was my only real opportunity to grow from Ireland given that I was only 20 at the time and in college for most of the day. The experience with FA Prep was like night and day compared to the previous company - there was very little involvement needed on my part and communication was great whenever issues did arise.




What We Did

Harry approached us at the start of 2019 while only purchasing from retail stores and flipping them over for a profit on amazon. His main issue was having a reliable prep centre that would allow him to grow as he knew the route he had to take once that was sorted.

We provided a service that was a perfect fit of preparing and shipping of his goods to Amazon warehouses along with the customer service needed to fix any issues that arose with his deliveries. This meant Harry could get on with University and then stick to purchasing in his spare time leaving our team to do everything else.

We provided the warehouse space, customer service, processing times and everything else needed for Harry's business to go to crazy levels with time and he has stuck by us since joining returning crazy results that are improving every year. 

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2019 Sales (1st Month with FA Prep UK)

£1500 revenue per month 

160 units sold per month

2024 Sales (Most Recent Sales)

£145,000 revenue per month

13,000 units sold per month

In 2024 sales have reached over £1.15 Million

Our consistency in working with Harry has shown that this is a snowball that can continue to grow and will continue to grow.

Future Goals

"Going forward, we are looking to ship larger bulk (buying multiple pallets from suppliers and even moving towards containers when possible) and increase the inventory we hold given that we now have the capacity, confidence and capital to scale to £200-300K per month over the short/medium term. Looking to ship roughly double the number of units we currently ship by late 2024 - demand on Amazon has grown significantly over the past 2-3 years and there’s no reason why we can’t take advantage of that!"


The partner you need to take your online business to the next level. Book in for a chat to hear more!


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United Kingdom




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