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BlueBox Art

Industry - Private Label

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We registered the business in June 2019 but didn't start selling until June 2020. We are an art supplies brand that predominantly sells paint sets and canvases. We also run charity workshops and make regular donations to help spread creativity. When we first launched our 24 paint set, Covid had just started. We were scared so much that we pushed the order back, then we thought actually this could be really good for us. On our first day we sold 23 units and made £200 off the one product line. (People were paying extremely high prices for items at the time). As the business grows, time becomes more and more precious. Eventually we have to outsource distribution as it is something that is a necessity but we also need to spend our time on more important things (like advertising, social media, finances & product design etc).



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What We Did

Liam and Sam had a great product and a great community base built up while processing items from their garage. They saw the potential of what a bigger product portfolio and a higher volume of goods could do for their business. However, this wasn't going to work from their garage and this is where we came in.


We provided the space for their first large shipment of over 10 pallets and that allowed Liam & Sam to focus on building their website and build the community even more with great charity work and customer competitions 



Amazon Turnover to date: £46,500

Ebay Turnover to date: £12,800

Total Turnover in 16 months = £59,300



1 Product in June 2020

Currently we have 8 products live (but 10 in total).

Future Goals

"All distribution will be done through FA Prep Uk, along with monitoring our shopify and ebay sales."

We look forward to storing and shipping more of Blue Box's goods and seeing their product portfolio increase even more. We will work alongside them currently on the launch of their own shopify store!


The partner you need to take your online business to the next level. Book in for a chat to hear more!


Unit 1A Birkdale Road, Scunthorpe
United Kingdom




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