Why Choose FA Prep UK as your FBA Prep Centre?

You have decided it is time to pick an FBA Prep Centre but now you are spoilt for choice with how many centres there are available so how do you know which one to pick. In this blog, I am going to explain to you why FA Prep UK is the right decision for you.

No Monthly Fees

The biggest positive we have heard from our clients is that they are so appreciative that we don't charge a monthly fee to be part of our prep service. this is because we understand that you can have slow months and you may not want to pay a monthly fee for those months. We keep it simple by paying per item.

We Take Care Of Labels and Shipping Plans

Some prep centres require you to send them the label pdf's and also create shipping plans they send you, we don't believe that to be right when outsourcing the prep to a prep centre. We take care of everything after you have ordered the product, the full answer to outsourcing prep.

We Were Sellers Before So Can Share Knowledge

Devan, as well as some staff, have sold on amazon before starting FA Prep UK so they can share knowledge of certain aspects along the way. This could help you decide what type of items to buy in certain months or any other issues you may face with amazon.

We Have Cheap Per Item Costs

We believe that no one is cheaper per item than us and if they are the same service isn't matched. Don't believe me? Go take a look at our reviews for FA Prep UK and see what our clients think > REVIEWS <

Our Business Grows with your Business

We are updating things every month when we see things we can improve on whether they're big updates or small. with our client's feedback, we are trying to make this prep service the best there has ever been and the best that ever will be.

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