What is an FBA Prep Centre

An FBA Prep Centre is a warehouse or specific place in which you have no involvement with that can take your items in from your suppliers whether that be a retailer, a wholesaler or straight from the manufacturer. The prep centre will then take your items, check for any damages and report them to you, carry out any preparation needed for the product, label the items with an FNSKU label and then send them to Amazon.

Preparation in an FBA Prep Centre

When selling on Amazon there are multiple preparations to products that MUST be carried out for them to process your items on their end. This is where a lot of the time comes in and the main reason why sellers look for a prep service as their answer. There are preparations such as Taping, poly bagging, bubble wrapping and bundling. The centre can take time away from you in doing this as well as taking away the need to store the materials to prep these goods.

Is an FBA Prep Centre Right For You

This is a question that needs to be looked at in-depth before you decide to go with a prep centre full time. It is an additional cost but you gain a lot of time back and also effort so these two factors can be put into something more useful within your business. If you have a lot of free time and are happy to prep your goods yourself it is not worth spending the money on a service like this. However here are some reasons why you should choose an FBA Prep Centre: House/Place of work isn't large enough to store stock and equipment; You don't have enough hours in the day to be able to source, purchase, data log and prep; you find prepping goods very tedious and takes the fun away from this job

An FBA Prep Centre could be the perfect answer for you so if you feel that you would like to join then take our free trial today

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