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Types of Amazon FBA Preparation

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

A great advantage to joining an Amazon FBA Prep Centre is that you no longer need to worry about not only storing the materials needed to prepare the Amazon FBA Items but you don't need to spend the time preparing them either. There are lots of types of preparation that Amazon UK require at their FBA centres. At times they do not require the FBA seller to prepare the goods but it is good practice to prepare the goods for your Amazon FBA customers. Below i have listed the types of prep that an Amazon FBA Prep Centre can provide


The most used preparation for Amazon that an Amazon FBA Prep Centre will use by far is the Amazon FBA FNSKU label. This is a small label that has 3 features on it. It has a barcode which means that the FBA item can be linked to you as an individual Amazon FBA seller and also that item in your Amazon FBA inventory. It also has an FSNKU code on the label. This is a specifc number/letter combination that links to that barcode and can be used to manually search for that item in your Amazon FBA Inventory. The final feature on the label is a shortened version of the Item Description. This allows you to see a good amount of information as to what the Amazon FBA item is. This name matches the item on the Amazon FBA Inventory listing.


Another very common type of preparation in Amazon FBA is polybagging. This is the process of putting the item(s) into a bag which gives them the extra type of protection. The reason for doing this is the Amazon FBA item may be a soft toy that needs to avoid dust. It may be a bottle that if a leak occurs it needs to protect damages to other items. Another reason may be that the item that you are sending to Amazon FBA is sold in a bundle. This is a common service that FBA Prep Centres can provide in polybagging mulitple items together so that they become 1 item.


Some items need that extra level of protection and this again is where an Amazon FBA Prep Centre can be extremely useful for your business. Glass items and other liquid items may require something more protective that a polybag and this is where the bubble wrap or bubble bags can assist.

Boxed Goods

At times Amazon FBA businesses require bespoke preparation and this is easily done using an FBA Prep Centre as it has access to many suppliers to cater to all your needs.

Sticker Removal

A common annoyance in processing Online Arbitrage FBA items is that suppliers sometimes put stickers on the items that will need removing before they reach the customer. These can be price stickers, supplier nam stickers or other barcodes. All of which must be removed and can be a very tedious job but with our experience and tools we can turn this irritating job into light work.

At times multiple preparation materials are used on the same items such as a bubble wrapped item may be placed as a bundle into a box to make the presentation look better and give it the extra layer of protection, finally an FNSKU label added to the top.

A great reason to choose an Amazon FBA Prep Centre is that we have lots of options to easily prepare your items quickly and to a high standard. It is a huge reason that a lot of sellers choose to use one. We prepare thousands of Amazon FBA units meaning we gain habits that make the job extremely quick.

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