Should You Join a Prep Centre or Move into a Warehouse

This is a question a lot of sellers have to ask people who have already made their decision with this question and that is when you as a seller get to the point where you have outgrown your current space, should you outsource the work to a prep centre or purchase/lease your own warehouse. This blog should hopefully help guide you in the right direction.

When Is It Time To Make A Decision?

Both of these moves within your business are a big one and both are big mainly due to the monetary cost of both of them. You need to ensure you are picking one of these at the right time. Should you outgrow your space you're in now it is time. Should you feel your home is no longer a home now is the time. Should you have surplus cash to make a move forward for your business now could be the time. Lots of reasons can mean it is time but you then need to ensure you are picking the right option for you.

Picking An FBA Prep Centre

Here are some of the pro's and cons to picking an FBA prep centre as your next step


✅All prep outsourced

✅No Storage Needed

✅ Prep Centre Processes Returns

✅ No Cardboard Waste


❌You don't see your items

❌Cash flow needs to be in order

Picking Your Own Warehouse

Here are some of the pro's and cons to picking your own warehouse as your next step


✅Lots of space for multiple ideas

✅Sense of ownership



❌Bills to ensure payment is there

❌Not outsourced

❌Not as time free as in your home

So looking at those pros and cons you need to decide what is best for you.

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