Our FBA Membership Structure

Something FA Prep UK is passionate about is providing the best and easiest to use service there is on the market. We have gone through so many membership structures and we will likely adapt our current one to make it better every time. Our current membership structure is a 4 tiered system making it simple to decide which tier you are classified under and within that tier you have your own prices for each FBA item.

Within each tier, there is the exact same service it is only the price per unit and membership cost per month that differs. Within the tier here are the following services:

Free Trial of 50 Items Prepped

We offer a free trial to all clients as for a lot, it is the first time they have outsourced distribution and prep. This free trial gives them a period to see what the price would be and make sure that it is for them.

All Items Any Prep

This price differs from tier to tier but covers any single item that comes into the warehouse prepped for Amazon FBA. Whether this be polybagging the unit, bubble-wrapping the unit, taping the unit or just labelling with an FNSKU sticker it covers it all.


This is a 5p extra charge on the All Items cost. This covers multipacks. The reason we charge this separately is that multipacks usually take more time than single units so this covers that time taken.

Box Cost

This charge covers the materials and time taken to box goods into a master carton, create a shipment and process goods for collection. We are proud to be in the select few prep centres that offer shipment processing included in our cost.

Courier Costs

This is the costs to ship your goods the next day to amazon's warehouses. We have DPD as our courier partner because they provide a wonderful service for a cheaper price than UPS. They deliver the next day and collect within hours of your shipment being created.

Pallet Shipping - Pallet Processing

This is the cost to build a pallet along with creating the shipment for the consignment. Very similar to the box cost but is used for larger shipments being sent through pallets. This includes: Pallet base supply; Box building of goods; plastic wrapping to ensure safety; all labels attached; loading onto lorry.

Pallet Shipping - Case Processing

Case processing is the labelling and computer creation of boxed goods within a pallet. A case of goods can be mixed or Same SKU and we charge per case for the materials and processing.

Pallet Shipping - Shipping

We partner with a local LTL courier who specialise in Amazon deliveries and so they will collect pallets next day and deliver them straight to amazon for a discounted price.

1 to 1 Support Via Slack

We have many forms of contact. We can help via phone, email, live chat and contact forms but our main form of contact is Slack. Slack is a business communication network used by millions which makes it easy to talk in a quick and efficient manner as well as maintaining organisation and having the ability to send images and files.

Prep Hub Spreadsheet

FA Prep UK and yourself will communicate deliveries status through the prep hub spreadsheet. This is a live view spreadsheet in which you will give us all the details needed for us to fulfil our job and we give you all the details you need as if you had received the item yourself.

Free Purchase Log Template

We try to help our clients as much as possible and this is one step we take in doing that. We provide you with a purchase log template free to use in your business if you wish. It is used to track purchases and accounting to make your business more efficient.

Our tiers are then seperated by how many units you send within a month period and are labelled as Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum.


0-1000 Units Per Month

£4.99 Monthly Membership

£0.60 Per Unit Price


1001-2000 Units Per Month

£9.99 Monthly Membership

£0.55 Per Unit Price


2001-3000 Units Per Month

£9.99 Monthly Membership

£0.50 Per Unit Price


3001+ Units Per Month

£14.99 Monthly Membership

£0.45 Per Unit Price


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