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FA Prep UK Are Green

Something I have been passionate about since watching my first David Attenborough documentary is making my impact no matter how small. If we all make a small impact this becomes a big impact. Not only could I make a business in my personal life but in owning a prep centre that uses a lot of materials we could really make an impact as well as potentially influencing others to make the same changes.

While it is very hard for some things to be 100% renewable in this line of business I wanted to ensure we did everything we could even if this meant a slightly higher cost. So we started with our electricity supplier. In moving to our current warehouse which is one for the long term I wanted to ensure the electricity supplier was one using renewable energy. I hunted through the internet and found These guys provide us with our electricity now and were the first step along our 3 part plan to do our part. We wear our Good Energy sticker proud on our front door to hopefully influence others industrially or domestically to follow us in making this change.

The next step was to ensure our waste from the warehouse was recycled properly. We have so much plastic and cardboard waste that leaves our building it would make a huge negative impact if we put all this through general waste. The amount of plastic we use in a year could visibly pollute a sea. So we are proud to be partnering with a company on our estate who recycle all our cardboard and plastic waste and turn this into more products for business to use. With them being on our estate this also eliminates the need for transport as we just use our forklift to drop it off across the road and that is it.

The final step which we have made is moving to fully biodegradable polybags. We use thousands on thousands of polybags to prep goods for our clients and so if when this reaches the customer, it gets thrown into general waste, it is having a negative impact. By moving to biodegradable polybags our client's customers can dispose of them with no impact on the environment which we are very proud to offer. I believe we are the only 3PL to offer biodegradable polybags however we invite all other businesses in our sector to join us. This is a team effort.

Another step we made was ensuring our forklift was electric not diesel to ensure the renewable energy from the warehouse powers our tools and is not putting fumes into the atmosphere. I will also in the future in my personal life be looking at an electric car as I look to make an impact in my personal life, not just business.

Join us in recovering the harm we have caused to our planet.

"The natural world is fading, the evidence is all around… (But) if we act now, we can yet put it right."

David Attenborough

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