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FA Prep Promise

We want to always innovate and be the first to offer something that puts us above the rest. We also want to give our clients to best possible experience possible within a 3PL. We have been through periods of growth in which we haven't been able to deliver as advertised, the turnaround time of 24-48 hours with boxed goods and 24-72 hours with palleted goods. This happens in business as we can never predict the volume but we can try our best.

Trying our best isn't good enough for our client's businesses and so we want to give them some cover for the situation of a delay in our warehouse. We wanted to add something to our service so that we weren't simply saying sorry to a client for a delay and instead we were assisting with their business. In the Amazon world missing one day of sales can be huge. It can affect profits. We are here to help businesses gain money not lose money and this is where the FA Prep Promise was created.

We decided that in offering a £0.10 discount on the per-unit price if the item was outside our promised turnaround time we are then giving back to the client. They are gaining £0.10 profit on every item which for a lot of clients can be hugely influential on their margin.

Not only does it give our clients that safety net but it also persuades us as a business to ensure that turnaround times are being met. We do not need this push as we like to exceed expectations anyway but if it is ever needed, the potential of losing money is enough for a business to ensure the right things are in place to avoid it.

We rarely have to use this now but it gives the clients the reassurance of a discount if we ever do have to use this. It has been super accepted by our current clients and is something we are very proud to offer.

We will certainly be adding more services like this to our business as we look to continue innovating and being the best in the market for third party logistics

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