Adding Merchant Fulfilled to our FBA Prep Centre

We are always trying to add small ideas and features to the prep centre to make it the best for the clients we have. Our latest addition is a big one and we believe it can bring a huge benefit for the sellers it affects.

Introducing Merchant Fulfilled Prep

What is Merchant Fulfilled?

Merchant fulfilled is the old way of selling where you send items directly to a customer when they purchase the item. This means you have to store the item until its bought, prep it then post it yourself to the customer's address. While this is a great way to provide income as you do not have to pay amazon any fees for their fulfilment it means a lot of space and time is used on your end to sort the items.

What We Are Adding?

We are adding the complete outsourcing of the preparation side of Merchant Fulfilled. This means we can receive the products you sell and store them in our warehouse until they are sold. We then have the equipment ready to pack and prep your items within 24 hours which ensures your customers are always happy. It is all processed through a spreadsheet and limited access to your account to manage orders.

Is it Worth It?

If you have plenty of time to process a small number of items yourself then there is no need to hire a prep centre to take control of this however if you are bored of processing these items yourself or you would love to scale this side of selling to a larger scale we could definitely be the answer for you as we have unlimited storage for your items no matter how big you are and we can help you build this into a full-time income while you watch the money come straight to you.

Where Can I Join?

You can join by simply going to the merchant fulfilled tab on our webpage or just click below :)


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