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We at FA Prep UK strive to be the best in our market. This means giving the best service for the best price. We are so confident in doing this that we want to make a promise to you.

Our estimated time that goods take to process from the moment they arrive at our door until they leave our door is 24-48 hours. We know it's easy to say this without putting it into action. So by giving you the FA Prep promise, we hope you can understand we are putting actions to our words.

The promise to you is that if we do not succeed in sticking to our promise, meaning we take longer than 48 hours to ship your goods, 72 hours for palletised goods, we will deduct £0.10 from your per-item cost. This means that should you be in our Platinum membership paying £0.50 per item, we will only charge you £0.40 should we not stick to our promise.

We look forward to welcoming you to the family.

*Amazon FBA Shipments Only*


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