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The product is a unique patented salt gun that shoots flies. Widely successful in the USA and we were looking for a 3PL partner to help distribute for our Shopify store in the UK. On top of the affordable pricing offered at FA Prep UK we prefer to work with small to medium 3PL’s as we sell bundled items and find the service levels much higher than larger 3PLs. Allowing flexibility in how we sell our products.

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What We Did

We were approached by Sam a long time before he actually used us as a service. He wanted to ensure all logistics were in place to give Bug-a-Salt a successful launch and boy did he do that.

We recevied a large shipment of goods and got right to work in setting up our inventory and shipping management with their store. We then gave them the most efficient service and price to make the launch as smooth as possible.



We successfully sold out for our season, FA Prep was instrumental in keeping our new customer
base happy and ensuring delivery and fulfillment deadlines were met.


Future Goals

"Our goal is to increase our business 100% next year with FBA Prep as our fulfilment partner."

We look forward to receiving more containers going into 2022 and taking Bug-a-Salt to even higher limits than their UK launch successes already!

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